Why choose us?

At Nion, our aim is to include contemporary Indian foods and beverages from a fresh perspective that are culturally and geographically relevant to Indians across the globe. 

We also wish to bridge the gap by building a community around food and beverage experiences that are fun, democratic and open to change in a positive environment. 

Ultimately we want to craft simple things thoughtfully at true cost for all glocal Indians.

I always missed a fresh cup of coffee in the lockdown, as I don't drink the usual Nescafes of the world. 

I came across Monsoon Malabar from Nion. (What's so special about it you asked?) It is 100% coffee and has zero chicory. As soon as I opened the pack it was love at first fragrance. So authentic, strong, aromatic. Loved it!

That being said, honestly, you don't need my review for this coffee. What you need is a cup of this amazing coffee.

Vishal Ramaiya, Pune
Team Lead at TCS

Tried the Madras Filter Coffee from Nion and I really liked it. Very good flavour and excellent packing as well.

Many people in South India like a little chicory blend as it gives thickness, but pure coffee lovers like me, prefer this type. Coffee with zero chicory.

Gowri Oza, Bangalore
Coffee Grower & Homemaker

The Masala Chai is extraordinary! What sorcery have you done to it 🤪😳

I made my first cup of tea at my new place today. I had preserved the packs because I wanted to open them here. 

New beginnings deserve to be powerful. And I'm so delighted to have this Masala Chai!!

From one start-up to another ☕

Nirav Bhimani, Mumbai
Co-Founder at Trive Studios

This is the best chamomile tea I've ever had! I love, love, love it!

Like a spa in a cup. With that lovely floral fragrance. I keep opening the bottle to take a whiff.

Karthika Raveendran

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